Building Solar Panels – A Conscious Choice

Is it me or has the weather become more vicious these past few years? With all the news of tragedy and sadness one should think that maybe it is due to global warming. Well according to research it is. As our population increases so does the waste and pollution generated and if we don’t find a way to stop this trend we may have to live in a world of fear. Fear of massive floods and constant disruptive weather.
The cause of the problem is our self and our own understanding of how things work, or lack of it. We already went to the moon, have the capability to map DNA and can see the tiniest of matter, but why can’t we solve this basic problem? Because, although the problem is basic, the solution is so complex that it needs a worldwide consensus to be successful. You could ask a thousand scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders but you will get the same opaque answer.
People assume that we can live in such state of abundance and keep it that way until forever. Our mindset keeps us from understanding that nature doesn’t work that way. Nature can regenerate itself but with our constant meddling and abuse, it can’t. Coupled with our greed for material things and lust for more things that we don’t even use, nature won’t stand a chance.
It’s sad to think that the only thing that nurtured humanity to the state where it is now is in danger due to ignorance and ineptitude to protect and understand Mother Nature. With all the ethic lectures about this and about that, why are we still not able to reverse the degeneration trend that nature suffers?
The truth is we aren’t making the conscious choice. Going halfway into something will only net you mediocre results. Just like our current situation, we aren’t doing enough to save nature. In order to achieve this task we must put all our cards in the table and go all in. yes it will be a hard transition but we will get more positive results in the long run.
So where should we start? We should start in our own home. Building solar panels for everyday use can be a daunting task at first but with ample information you could do it in a week that is if you have the fund to install one.
With solar panels, you’re not only saving the environment but you are also placing yourself in a favorable financial position because fossil fuel price will only continue to rise. And with subsidies from the government, choosing to go is a better option for almost all of us. These maybe baby steps, but steps in the right direction. Thank you for reading this post.
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How to make solar cell work for you

Tired of paying outrageous electric bills? There is an alternative energy solution for your family that could lower your monthly bills. As you know, there are solar power systems for residential use. They are small scale and can be installed on the roof or any open spaces as long as they have adequate exposure to sunlight. The initial investment is a bit stiff but it will pay for itself in time. Don’t worry about the installation; there are many online sites that offer knowledge on DIY solar power systems.
A lot of people are being discouraged to set up a solar power system due to the complexity of the installation. The truth is, you don’t have to be an engineer to install one. It may be complicated at first but it will be easy if you have done research on each individual component.

A little bit of research everyday can give you lots of information and you could build your DIY solar power system in no time. You can also visit forum sites that are centered on solar energy.This forum sites are usually friendly sites and they will help you out on your questions. Forum sites are best for newbies since almost all the people that join that kind of site have working knowledge about setting up solar cells.

Solar cell isn’t for everyone. It would not be ideal for someone who lives in an apartment to have one; you need ample space for the system. Solar cell is ideal for people that live in houses. It gives them ample space and enough flexibility to position the system where it can get the maximum sunlight exposure.
The best way to make solar cell work for you is to consider everything before setting up your system. Do you have enough funds? Do you have the skills to install one? Is your space ideal for the set up? And do you have all the needed information to make one? If you have the funds to start a solar power system and you don’t have enough knowledge to start, I suggest visiting this site make solar cell. How to digitals is one of the leading sites that give information about alternative energy in the UK and you will get valuable information just by reading some of their articles.
If you are not sure on what to do still, you can always hire professional solar cell installers. But they come with a price tag so be sure to have enough funds to pay for the materials and the manpower. Going green isn’t a bad thing and with the rising cost of fuels, you set up yourself for a greener future.
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Building Solar Panels for Your Family

Have you ever considered going green? Not ‘vegetarian green’ but ‘environmental green.’ If someone tells you that our current lifestyle is sustainable, they are dead wrong. The price of fossil fuels skyrocketed a few years ago and still climbing up. This only shows that the demand is strong and the supply cannot keep up with the demand.
Imagine yourself 10 years from now; can you honestly say that you will be paying your utility bills at the same rate like today? Even without inflation the price of generating energy through the use of fossil fuels will increase due to the lowered supply of those fuels. Big companies don’t share this kind of information because they know that if the people found out, there will be consequences that will be unfavorable to them.
Caring for your family’s future is the main agenda of every man. Thus thinking ahead and planning accordingly will help you negate risks that should have been easily avoided if not for the greed for money of these monolithic corporations.
You can start by thinking about giving yourself freedom from fossil fuels. There is a safe and cheap alternative to fossil fuel and this is called solar power systems. It’s cheap because it can pay for itself over time, the higher the electric bill the faster the ROI. Your electric bill will rise in time and that’s a fact. Investing in one of these system will cost a bit but like I said earlier it will pay for itself in due course.
There are things to consider before you start building solar panels. First you need to consider the area where you want to put the system. If you are living on an apartment space then it’s not really advisable to install one since solar panels need much more space. If you live in a house there is usually enough space to install a decent system.
The second thing you need to consider is the weather. Having a cloudy weather is not ideal for a solar panel. Weather plays a crucial role in the generation of power since it is one of two variables that affect the efficiency of the panels, the other one is it’s quality. Extreme weather conditions can sometimes damage or even destroy the panels, so be aware of this also.
If you think you have enough space and the climate is good enough then the next thing you should do is to plan your budget. The initial cost depends on how much energy you need per day. You need to have information on all your daily output to accurately know this. There are two types of system the on grid system (connects to the grid and you still pay monthly albeit lowered bill) and off grid system (not connected to the grid lines, total freedom from your electric company but higher initial investment cost).
Plan accordingly before going green and if you need more information you can visit this site: Building Solar Panels

How to make an awesome science project

Remember the time that you made your first ever science project with the help your dad? Well, now is the time that you help your own child. Building something awesome is the key in order to win in a science fare. It also needs to be unique. If you are not joining to win but just for the fun of doing stuff with your child then you came to the right place. In this article we will teach you how to build a simple potato clock.
Spending time with your child while having fun at the same time is a prize in itself. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re having fun with your little kid. Before you do the project make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients. Make sure to supervise you kid during the procedure to avoid injuries. The procedure is fairly easy but it’s better if you use caution just to be safe.
Clock – find a clock that needs a button battery
Two potatoes – for consumption but for this experiment we will use this for battery replacement
Three alligator clip wires –
Two zing electrodes – available in a hardware store (preferably 10-cm length with a thickness of .64 cm)
Two copper electrodes – available in a hardware store (galvanize nails)
Open up the battery compartment of the clock and remove the button battery. Inside the battery compartment you will notice two connections they are the plus (+) and minus (-) terminal. You need to label the two potato A and B. the

Procedure to connect the potato to the terminal goes like this;
Get the copper electrode and zinc electrode and insert them both to the two potatoes, one in each potato. Don’t forget to set them apart.
Use the alligator-clip wire to connect the copper electrode of potato A to the plus (+) connection in the clock.
Use an alligator-clip wire to connect the zinc electrode of potato B to the negative (-) connection in the clock.
Use an alligator-clip wire to connect the zinc electrode of potato A to the copper electrode of potato B.
Congratulations, you just made a working clock with potatoes as its batteries. The clock can last for months if your potatoes are fresh that is. Here’s a simple explanation on why the clock potato works: The bulk of the potato serves as a case for the cell meanwhile the potato juice serves as the electrolyte, in which charged atoms and molecules called ions powers the clock. There you go a simple yet awesome science project. Who would have thought that a potato holds such power?
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